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Wild Horse Coach Talk about Miller and Well Success Reasons
Denver Music Miller and Demarcus Ware will be the result of the superb bowl this week. In the interview in front of the game, wholesale jerseys the harmony of the wild horses also talked about the reason why the two top rush hands can be so successful.

Evet was only played in 2 games last year, and it can only be present in the event of the back injury. In the five-year career of Cincinnati, only 2 years of regular season played. But the Red District of Efte is not to be underestimated. The close-up of this height is 198cm completed 13 times in 2015.

Bi Bell Belichick moved this moment a week, he thought that the turning point appeared at 14-41 defeated in the half of the Chief of Kansas City, this loss made experts and values The result of the fans clearly suspect that the Patriots Dynasty had a problem. "I think we really work hard and work hard throughout 60 minutes, even when we don't have the opportunity to win," Interpretation of ESPN on Monday. "I think that is a good signal from our team, that is, we have done it. Not our performance is very good, but our performance is very hard."

Last year's surgery is the third back surgery accepted by Evertte. In the 2016 season, he has suffered a while, and the training camp is also absent from the ankle injury. In the whole career, Evet missed the routine race (41) more than him (39).

Bilipk: The game for the emirate is a season turning point.
All people think that the New England Patriots have appeared in the near-end Robert Gronchki in the fifth week of the game, the number of battles, the number of battles, the number of battles, the best lineup It appears when attracting attention.

However, if the only four defense of NFL appearance experience in the Kumoy selection team is not surprising. Sanchez career completed 72 debuts and 4 wins and 2 losses in the playoffs, 2 times entered the Melan Championship.

Billyck has exhibited the tendency to set up the front of the team. Just after his poor "next to Cincinnati" press conference (this time I face the reporter only answer this sentence) a few days later, Gronoski retrafys and retransmined and pulled down, Cheap nfl Jerseys external Brandon Lafell gets four points Tom Brady Tom Brady, and Darrelle Revis starts a zero-sealing opponent's top hand, line guard Jie rice - Jamie Collins and East Tower - Heili (Dont & # 39; A Hightower) Growing into a combination of strong line guards.

This physical quality is excellent, good at completing the long-distance front-ended colleague rankings, the second, TCC number of columns, the total number of alliances, the total number of rankings, the fifth. He is better than the teammates taken away from Tyreek Hill in addition to each of the number of teammates.

In an interview, Kelsea is not a word of Gronoski, praising the "reliance, long-lasting career, and overcoming the ability", and he called "Geloski" One of the most dead flies. " However, Kelps said that since he never defeated Gronoski in the playoffs, he will be full of fighting spirit in this super bowl.

This is already done in the view of Sylvester Williams, Sylvester Williams. He believes that the old Mark Sanchez will overcome the second-grade Siemian and the New Show Paxton Lynch, and his reason is because the coach plus - Gary Kubiak communicates information during the offset period.

The offensive performance of Kelps in the central area of ​​the venue has become a team to create close-edge strikes. His experience and adaptation level in the Chief Offense Group is currently without people.

Fred Pagac, Fred Pagac, said: "Ville is a great player, he likes a rugby game, he is very professional, in order to persist in the same goal. He will join the famous Hall in the future. Feng may be the best condition of the players I have coached, his exercise ability and its outstanding. Similarly, he also loves rugby, which is very investing in the game. "

"Now, they give three people as much preparation time, so I don't think there is any advantage, because they have not continued to obtain an opportunity to occupy an advantage," Williams said on Wednesday. "But I think that before the start of the training camp, I want to kibyak coach to let us know that he is ready to choose Mark and give the Mark chance to see what he can do, then use this as a start."

The wild horse teammates believe that Sanchez will become the first quarter
After getting a big contract of Von Miller, the superbown champion Danfo Yam next thing is obvious to choose the first quarter.

The wild horses in the wild horsepine, Zehlin, I have coached Ver, Dallas, Darlas, said: "I have experienced his peak, and his difference is his feelings. He knows what you should do, opponent What will you do. You can't just just a simple pre-judgment, you must have your own plan, to adjust your own feelings, to solve different situations. "

From the data, Gronoski did not say anything wrong. Celps has been stable since 2016 and 2020, and each season, the number of passes is broken, and at least 4 times of arrivals are obtained and enter the professional bowl. He played his best level in this season, and the number of codes in the number of codes, each time the number of codes and the number of balls reached, and the number of points of the number of data will be a new high.