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NBA Zhao Yuan Cai En-William Visit New Orleans Saints Training Camp
Beijing July 31, this year, the NBA Zhenyuan Zion Williamson visited the neighbors of New Orleans Saint Training Camp, followed by Drew Brees and Sanctuary on Monday. Available in a basketball ace, a four-defense challenge.

However, New Orleans is best not to let Willianson are too close to the saints, otherwise, the saints want to dig him.

"If you see his figure," Saint Payton, Saint Payton, mentioned Willianson when he was interviewed on Monday: "He can fight 10 defensive ends in the game's anti-pharmaceutical formation."

In fact, Pelton said if Willianson is willing to join the saints, "there will be 5 positions of the coach to try, starting from the defensive front line coach and the near-end". "

"He doesn't need too many plans" to reveal that the Saint Pedton said in many years of pre-basketball players. "That is to say, nfl jerseys we have studied many different physical types, but I think it is easy to plan what is to play."

"We even considered that if there is a problem with the other side of the parking lot, we can send a seventh round of draft."

Subsequently, Pelton said that he and the whole team "is excited" in the squad. The boss of the squad is Gayle Benson, and the two team training bases are in the same place.

"Because you see, we will be a distance of a parking lot, winning culture is infected," Pedon said.

Bris is the most welcome Willianson in Saints. He was sent to the latter after the NBA draft, and he wrote a signature jersey of "next to you." At the early ESPN awards ceremony this month, he once again expressed the welcome to Willianson, indicating that the New Alley City is ready to meet him.

However, Brisers did not have the "enthusiasm" in Monday to entertain Williamson, the latter and Saints Alvin Kamara and Brisses participated in the pass challenge.

Brisse put a basket in the indoor training ground in Saint, and Willianson and Kamara and shooting 3 times to the basket and complete some pass. When the three people are flattened, Bris is the only one Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China the 5-yard position to shoot basketball in the back side of the basket.