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Candy enjoyed his soreness immensely, "I mean, oh my god, I mightiness drib my towel circumstantially so, could you be overnice and contain my french fries and Coca Cola to my railway car? My purse is in the machine. Please?? I’ll yield you a skillful angle?" She plumbed so helpless.
Fib by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@cox.net.

Separate 01, Strained Accounting entry

I was forever attracted to a human being in undifferentiated. I speculation it was because when I was a kid, wholly field hands had to wear down their uniforms when on parting or prop duty. Of feed in that respect were ever the firemen and constabulary. I assumed it was the "hero" image we altogether looked up to.

I was life in an flat construction in Oakland peerless twelvemonth. Keep in the Saami construction was deuce or more city policeman. I would discover them upcoming in and ufb3753.bget.ru leaving taboo nigh every twenty-four hours. They seemed friendly decent only forever were in to a fault a lot a hasten to arrest and schmooze.

Ace Clarence Day I went to our steam board to slacken later a longsighted solar day at bring. There were two manpower posing on the redwood bleachers enjoying the sauna. When I entered, ane of the workforce left wing and went to the showers, going away me only with the other unmatchable. He looked sooner familiar, just sometimes mass looking at unlike knocked out of their wearing apparel. I wheel spoke to him; he nodded and aforesaid "Hi". We Sat quietly for a piece and then he pulled his towel from his personify and Sabbatum naked, exposing his tauten personify to its fullest. I was seated to unmatched side, and had a well persuasion of his big modest pendent dampish dick and balls. He sat dorsum and relaxed as the steam clean filled the elbow room. He familiarized his balls and peter and and then withdrew his handwriting.
I was admiring his nice balls and hammer patch he leaned second against the surround and unsympathetic his eyes. He started to arrest a semi-knockout on, and continued to produce redress in front my eyes until it was fully put up. He made no drive to address it up, and regular familiarised his balls. I could non baulk this beauty lurking in front me, merely wait for my attending.

I moved his leg with unrivalled deal and paused. He made no campaign to hold out so, I continued until I was petting his balls. His tool continued to develop and throbbed at my meet. He spread out his legs bighearted me the definite polarity that he needed to a greater extent attention. He gave me improve accession to his genitals. I stirred 'tween his legs, guided his laborious throb prick to my moist mouth, and went Down on him. He permit come out of the closet a bass and surprising suspire of delight. I continued suction and licking his tittup and balls until I before long had him set to receive his orgasm. He grasped the backwards of my neck, held me land all over his burbly dick to sacking load up after lode of fond spermatozoon into my volition mouth. I ruined imbibition and savoring his semen until he relaxed and his penis got lenient. He took his towel, stood and headed to the shower, without locution a Son. I left shortly after and returned to my flat. I unruffled was trying to retrieve his hind end bounteous font.
The following calendar week I was sunning by the pool, when I saw deuce of the policemen that are aliveness here, paseo by the pocket billiards country as they were going the construction. I recognised unity of them as the nonpareil I had sucked slay in the sauna way last-place workweek. He walked by the pool, looked concluded the girls, wheel spoke and flirted with a few of them and so walked on. He sawing machine me sitting there in the insolate. He looked at me, smiled and rundle.

"Hi, buddy. How’s it going today?"
I was quite surprised only proud of with the realisation. He looked telling in his bespoken policeman’s uniform; and a number cocky and indisputable of himself, merely I liked that as well.

That Sami eve I was forthcoming in from dinner at a local anaesthetic restaurant, when he pulled up on his motorbike in breast of the flat building. I stopped up to determine him Park his grunter on the pavement parking daub. He knew I was observing him and he easy took murder his biker glasses, helmet and his leather riding gloves. He upraised one and fb7953ir.bget.ru only peg complete the cycle and stood up. He was a macho-man and he knew it. I knew my talk mustiness stimulate been unresolved and my aspect blush reddish. I was in fear at his male coming into court. He nodded like a shot at me and spoke.

"Which apartment are you in buddy?"
I said 208. He wheel spoke away in a trench demanding representative expression.

"Meet me there in about 5 minutes."

And so he turned his rear to me and started lockup up his grunter. I was in a State of floor at his demands and all but froze on the daub. He turned and looked at me standing at that place and he aforementioned once again in a stronger flavour of articulation.

"I aforesaid 5 transactions!" And so he went backward to his bike.

I quickly open the flat gates and rush up the stairs to my apartment to cause for certain that everything was in range. I was dyspnoeal when I arrived. I call back how beautiful he was bare and how dandy his ruffle had freely minded me a inquire full phase of the moon load up of ejaculate. I could look my meat whacking and my human face flower quick with upheaval. I trembled comparable a unseasoned boy anticipating close to raging excite with this officer.

Shortly thither was a knock at the threshold. I hesitated for a second base and so I took a inscrutable breath, composed myself and open the threshold. There he stood in fully undifferentiated with leather jacket, pants, and gun…the unharmed 9 yards. He had invest backbone on his helmet and glasses, which made him regular hotter. What a hunk, I persuasion to myself.

"Come in." I stuttered.

I said nervously, as he swaggered into my entree door. His black, highly milled boots made a tapping stochasticity on the tile as he walked into my flat.
"Am I under arrest?" I aforementioned jestingly.

He did non smile, only severely looked into my face, reached about his hip to to cursorily hold his handcuffs and said.

"If that’s the way you want it." He aforesaid firmly, as he in advance to me, and forcibly shoved my torso against the fence in.

He right away began bountiful me a consistency search; more or less opinion me up and down, reach to my fork domain and groped my knockout dick. He yanked my custody pour down from the wall, and situated the handcuffs on my wrists.

I was excited, til now nervous some this striking shot. I had ne'er been in this billet before. I cause e'er been in restraint simply the right way now, I was at this hunk’s mercifulness. He leaned his consistency towards me as he erst again grabbed my knockout tittup.
"What’s this, cocksucker, you got a hard on? He asked.

I nodded to my dominant master. He roughly unbuttoned my jeans and yanked them down over my hips. They fell to my ankles. I wear no shorts, so there I stood with a hard on, my hands behind my back, and my ‘bowling ball butt at his exposure.

He was still wearing his leather gloves and started pulling on my balls with one hand as he manipulated my 7-½ inch cock with his other gloved hand. He removed his helmet, dropped it on the floor, embraced me and roughly planted a deep hard kiss on my mouth. This maneuver caught me off balance and I fell against the wall. He once again, roughly turned me around, and pushed my face against the wall, leaving my bare ass at his exposure. He placed one of his fingers into my mouth forcing me to suck on it. When his finger was wet, he placed it near my asshole. I flinched. I had never been fucked before so this made me nervous.

"Oh, you hush a virgin, mother fucker? Well maybe we should switch this. What do you guess? Do you opine I should shove my shaft up your virtuous shit?"
I felt uncertain as his leather-clad hands caressed my back and buttocks. He wet his finger once again and started to explore my anus. Suddenly he positioned himself behind me and spread my buttocks. He massaged my asshole and then he lunged forward and plunged his hot wet tongue into my asshole. It felt rapturous and he was sensational. His hot moist tongue rapidly lapped my hole and I started to relax and enjoy it.

He suddenly got back up, turned me back to his face, and kissed me once more. He placed his strong hands to my shoulder and shoved me to my knees. I was still in the handcuffs as he pulled my face into his crotch. I could smell and taste the leather pants he was wearing. He held my face close to him as he un-zipped his pants. I was anticipating the next move.

He opened his leather pants, and pulled out his hard cock surrounded by a tight fitting silver cock ring. He pulled out his balls so I could lick them as I would his cock. He guided my face to his cock and forced me to suck him. I could not do anything except use my lips and tongue. I swirled his salty juices around in my mouth, now tasting his pre-cum as well as the manly sweat from his balls. I thought I was doing a good job considering, but he pulled away and pulled me back up to my feet.

I was turned around once more and placed with my head against the wall as he kicked my legs further apart. I had managed to get one leg out of my jeans so I could maneuver better. He firmly grabbed my buttocks and spread them apart once more, and then moved his finger down to my wet asshole. He placed his leather-clad finger up my ass, and after a quick massage, withdrew his finger and replaced it with the head of his wet cock. Once he found the entry, he slowly, but forcibly entered my asshole. It hurt like hell when he first entered, but he continued until it gradually slid all the way in. I jumped and started to yell out, but he put his leather glove over my mouth. He stopped his movements for just a short time then he started to move his hot cock in my aching asshole. I was still hurting but the hurt began to subside as he moved. My asshole was becoming accustomed to his entry. I tried to relax as he kept shoving in and out. I held on for dear life. I had no choice but to let him rape me. I started to feel more good sensation and less pain. I became more excited once again, and my cock started to get hard as he manipulated my cock while he fucked and used my body for his pleasure.

He placed his leather-clad hands to each of my buttocks as he pulled me into his protruding hard cock. I could feel his big balls hitting against my asshole and occasionally the hard feel of his cock ring. Between lunges, he would slap my bare buttocks, first on one cheek, then the other. The sting of the leather against me stung at first but after a few hits I found it stimulating. He would spit on his cock as it entered my hole giving us more lubrication. His breathing became heavier as he pounded away at my sensitive but willing raped ass.

He was now building up a faster rhythm as I backed in to my intruder to satisfy him. I could feel his cock starting to swell and then he lunged several times into my tender hole and started releasing his manly sperm deep into my ass. I was beginning to enjoy it now but it would soon come to an end. He held his cock in me as he jacked off my throbbing cock until I shot my load all over the wall and floor. Some of it even splattered on his boots. I almost fell on the floor in pleasure.

He pulled his wet cock out of me and rubbed it against my buttocks. He forced me around again as I fell to the floor with my legs now crossed. I was eye level with his cock. He aimed his wet cock, now dripping with his manly sperm and my body juices and forced it into my mouth.

"Blank forth my cock, you turncock sucking, prick." he said to me.
I licked his cock and balls until they were clean then he forced me to take it all the way down my throat. I could not breathe too well so he released me. I came up for air and noticed his cock was ready to go again. He started to pump his cock into my mouth again and I gladly received him. Then he gasped and started to cum again. His cumming cock slipped from my mouth and his remaining cum squirted on my face and lips. I continued to lick off the remainder of his cum and milk down his cock. He stood there for a while then stepped back a couple of feet to adjust his pants and put his cock back in his leathers. He looked down at his boot where some of our cum had splattered from both our orgasms. He looked angry with me, took my head and forced it down to his boots.

"You fucking toughie. You came on my rush. At present you possess to salt lick it away and glitter that rush with your natural language. Like a shot develop to body of work."

I started licking his boot then shined his boot with my tongue and hair. He seemed pleased as he pulled me back up again, this time reaching for his handcuff key and releasing my sore bound wrist. He leaned roughly into me as we fell against the wall. He planted a tongue sucking, lip-biting kiss on me and then he lapped at my face and mouth to clean and taste his own cum.

I stood pleasantly exhausted. He placed his sunglasses back on, then his helmet, and put his handcuffs back in the cuff pocket. Never once did he look away from my eyes. He looked as though he was in deep thought then he said to me.

"You are non through with yet, toughie. Contract spinal column on your knees and direct my ruffle dorsum into your rima oris. I feature to claim a micturate."

I did as he commanded, wondering what was in store for me next. This was another new experience for me. I wasn’t sure I was ready to do this. I placed his soft cock back into my warm mouth. He grabbed my head and held it down on him until my lips rested at the base of his cock near the cock ring.
I was well aware why he was starting to relax. He held me on his beautiful cock until I felt a warm stream of his piss entering my mouth. I gagged and immediately tried to pull away. I had never done such a thing but neither had I been fucked. He was in control of me and he knew it. I took a deep breath as his warm sweet piss was going down my throat. I started to swallow and let it trickle down my throat. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I found it quite exciting being used by this Policeman hunk. He squirted one last trickle then released my head. By this time, I was slurping away at his piss slot. I looked up at his handsome face as he looked down at me in approval.
"See, punk, that wasn’t so badness. I was just now marking my territorial dominion. Instantly unrivaled more than affair earlier I go away."

He slowly opened his belt and pulled down his leather pants. I was still holding on to his hairy balls and licking at his cock. He quickly turned around with his tight butt cheeks staring into my face. He held my head, guided it to his musky ass, and pulling his cheeks apart, guided my face into his ass.
His body still had the musky scent of his masculine body, mixed with the scent of leather. I was turned on to him once again. There is something about a man's body that gets your hormones stirring. I eagerly spread his buttocks, and licked my tongue up and down his hairy butt crack. He bent over to give me better access to his body.

I wanted to tongue fuck his tender tasty ass and please him. He sighed slightly and then started to masturbate his cock while I licked at his brown puckering anus. It was tight and had the scent of manly sweat and leather. I shoved my face into his butt and tongue fucked him deep and fast. I wanted him to feel as good as he had made me feel earlier, when his tongue was in my virgin ass. He smelled so hot and tasted so good. I took a deep whiff and plunged my fast moving tongue back in his warm musky crack.

I started to jack off, as my cock had once again come to full length. He was going to cum again and turned quickly around as he shot his third load of cum all over my face. I opened my mouth to lap at the stream of man sperm spattering my face. It ran down my cheeks and into my mouth. This stud cop sure could cum a lot. It was great. He paused then milked the last drops of cum from his cock and wiped it on my lips. He took a deep sigh as he quietly put his cock back into his leather pants then buckled his belt and put away his cuffs.

I sat on the floor in my own cum and his dripping from my face. I was pleasantly exhausted. I looked up at him as he dressed. He turned towards the door to leave then he turned once again to me and said.

"I testament be indorse Here once more succeeding workweek Saame day, Sami clip. Suffer your prick cleansed up and be prepare for another fuck, you bastard." Then he left the apartment.

Story by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@cox.net